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JioMeet User Research Project

Reliance Jio Platforms Ltd. Project.  |  March 2021 

Work Desk


Participating in an advanced UX Design workshop, our team embarked on a comprehensive examination of Jiomeet's application to elevate the overall user experience, specifically focusing on in-meeting functionalities.


Jiomeet is a video-calling application. In this project, we worked on improving the experience of Jiomeet in meetings.

Business Goal:

Improve JioMeets in meeting experience in order to increase our reach and provide a better user experience. 


March 2021 -Feb 2022

Project Goals:

  • Identify Core Challenges: Uncover the primary issues users encounter during calls to streamline the user experience.

  • Feature Utilization Analysis: Determine which features are actively used and gauge user awareness and engagement with the available tools.

  • Align with User Expectations: Ascertain users' current expectations of the Jiomeet experience to inform future enhancements and design directions.

My Goals:

User Research & Insights: Spearheaded the research phase, engaging users through interviews in collaboration with my project partner. I synthesized our findings to drive team discussions and inform our design strategy.

Team Description: 

Thuli Chishi (Team lead)

Aishwary K (Mentor)

Apurva Patil (Me)

Rutuja Tare (my project partner)

Key Takeaways

Our investigation through a structured series of user interviews unveiled several areas for enhancement. Key observations included:

  • A need for enhanced data organization within the app to support professional efficiency.

  • Users favored an interface that reduced cognitive load through minimalism.

  • Mobile access was critical, indicating the necessity for a robust and user-friendly mobile application.

  • Integrated experience, where users could enjoy a seamless, all-in-one platform.

By incorporating heuristic evaluation methods, we identified pivotal user behaviors and motivations, such as the need for social connection within the digital space and tools that support professional boundaries and personalization.


We synthesized our findings to propose actionable UX improvements, which are further detailed in our comprehensive project documentation available here.

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