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Redesigning Notification System

Reliance Jio Platforms ltd. Project.  |  Dec 2021  | Desktop, Mobile and iPad Screen Design | Product Shipped

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Product Overview

JioMeet is a high-definition video conferencing application designed for seamless collaboration, offering features like screen sharing, meeting scheduling, and encrypted communication for both personal and professional use.
It supports up to 100 participants, providing a user-friendly platform for virtual meetings, webinars, and online events, accessible on multiple devices.

Project Duration

8 Months


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My Process

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Phase 1


Problem Statement 

The project aims to address the issue of notifications that, due to their alarming visual language, UX writing, and the use of technical jargon, confuse users and detract from the user experience.

Objectives and Goals

Our objective is to design a cohesive, usable, and reassuring notification system that communicates effectively with users without causing unnecessary alarm or confusion.

End User

Our target Audience is the Age of 18 - 60 people.

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Phase 2


Primary Research Findings

We carried out a survey among our internal employees, providing us with a comprehensive insight into the existing issues.

image 9.png

Secondary Research Findings

User Empowerment in Resolving Connectivity Issues.png
Enhanced Communication of Connection Issues.png
Psychological Considerations in Design.png

Phase 3


Identifying Challenges:

1. How do we create a design that is informative rather than alarming 

2. Understanding what type of notification should come in which situation

Direct competitors

Identified the direct competitors in the market like Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. And some indirect competitors like Groww, Myntra, Youtube, and Instagram. 

Key Insights Derived From benchmarking

We noticed that most apps displayed a permanent, distinct notification. In addition to letting the user know there was no internet connection, this also provided a mechanism for them to try to get online again.


Meeting Disruption Alert: Lost Network Connection

In response to insights gained from competitor analysis and secondary research, we've designed a user flow to address scenarios where an internet connection is lost during a meeting. To keep users informed, our app now features a prominent banner notification. This banner not only highlights critical information but also suggests relevant actions the user can take. Positioned at the top of the screen, just beneath the top bar, the banner is designed to be both noticeable and persistent, requiring user action for dismissal. Users have the option to engage with the banner or simply ignore it, based on their preference.

Banner Notification Principles:

  1. Strategically Interruptive: Chosen for their ability to catch attention, banners are used to convey essential alerts, such as notifying users of a lost internet connection.

  2. Clarity is Key: Each banner message is concise and informative, guiding user interaction. For instance, we've added a "Leave" button to ensure users don't feel trapped in the app, reinforcing their autonomy to exit the call if needed.

  3. Singular Focus: Our banners are designed with a single message and action in mind. For the "no internet connection" scenario, the message is straightforward: "Unable to connect to the server. Please check your internet connection and try again." Accompanied by a "Leave" action button, this approach provides a clear directive for users to follow.

Phase 4


Anchor 2

Case 1 : No Network Connection (Outside call)

Desktop Designs

Web 1920 – 2.png
Home Dashboard.png
chat section preloaded chat.png
Meeting unloaded section.png
contact unloaded section.png

Mobile Designs

Group 118141.png
Group 118143.png
Group 118142.png
Group 118144.png
Group 118145.png
Group 118146.png

Case 2: No Network Connection (Inside call)

Desktop Designs

Inmeeting banner.png
Ellipse 17139.png
inmeeting banner - Error pop up.png
Ellipse 17139.png
inmeeting banner - Leave meeting pop up.png
Ellipse 17139.png

Mobile Designs

Group 118148.png
Group 118147.png
Group 118149.png

Case 2: Poor Network Connection

Desktop designs

Desktop- 1.png
Ellipse 17139.png
desktop 2.png
Ellipse 17139.png

Mobile Designs

Group 118150.png
Group 118151.png

iPad Designs

Poor network iPad 1.png
Ellipse 17139.png
Poor network iPad 2.png
Ellipse 17139.png

Case 3: Feature Discoverability 

Desktop Design

Mobile Design

Phase 5

Test and Design system


With the testing team, we evaluated this design. We took the project management team's suggestions into consideration and made changes.

Design system


Group 194777.png


Group 118121.png


Group 118122.png

Key Takeaways:

1. I was able to obtain a thorough understanding of snackbars, banners, and various notifications thanks to this project. 

2. In addition to technical expertise, meeting with different stalk holders to ascertain their needs before providing 

Our designs provided excellent practical experience.

This app is available on Appstore and Playstore

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